Greg Hastain
    Frances Davis

    We find romance and inspiration in the complexity of life and love, including the funny, weird, and beautiful moments that come along with it. We strive to create photography which is not just beautiful, but also raw, compelling and authentic to our creative spirits.

    Our relationship is based on our mutual desire to foster a space for each other that allows for creativity and support. We each have our own artistic ambitions. We work alongside each other, with neither one of us taking the role of creator above or below one another, but together. We encourage growth while also helping each other to improve along the way in our path as wedding photographers.

    We met each other at a Thanksgiving celebration, where Greg approached Frances about collaborating on a photorealism oil painting project. We spent twelve hours together that first photoshoot, and our friendship soon blossomed into a romance.  We’ve been growing as photographers together ever since!



    What is your approach to wedding photography?

    Client relationship, trust, and understanding is critical. In order to truly create something authentic and unique to you, we must first have some understanding of who you are, what drives you, and what inspires you. Likewise, we need trust in our process to allow us the freedom to truly create something special, challenge ourselves, and never settle for the uninspired.


    What are you like on wedding day?

    On wedding day, we will both be searching constantly for the next best angle, moment, composition, or inspiration. We find beauty in small, obscure interactions or unusual compositions. Our most intimate and real photos are ones in which we are not on the outside, but up close and personal, allowing moments to unfold on their own.


    How does art influence your wedding photography?

    We each have our own relationship with art, but both hold a deep appreciation for creativity, artistic expression, and authenticity. Our driving motivation as wedding photographers is the challenge of approaching every wedding as if it were it's own unique art piece, culminating in a truly unique wedding book. We draw influence from the personalities and stories of our clients and their families while building on our own artistic vision.