Villa Tres Palmas Wedding a Rincon Love Story

    Kelly and Brandons wedding at Villa Tres Palmas in Rincon, PR was special for so many reasons. Rincon is a special place for them, Brandon has been visiting since he was a teenager, and the two of them got engaged in Rincon as well. It’s always great to see local friends at a wedding celebration in town, and Kelly and Brandons wedding was a beautiful day filled with smiling familiar faces. Allison and Cassandra of Rincon Events coordinated a beautiful, intimate gathering at Villa Tres Palmas on the beach shortly before sunset.

    Conditions were great, with easy waist high waves and a virtually empty lineup aside from Brandon and his buddies.

    Their wedding day was beautiful, with mild weather and a touch of wind, keeping everyone comfortable. I started the morning of their wedding day meeting Brandon at his place is Aguada where he and a handful of buddies jumped in the water with their boards to catch a few wedding day waves. We’ve had our waterproof housing for a while now, but I’ve never had the opportunity to get in the water and shoot surf photography, so it was a first for me. Conditions were great, with easy waist high waves and a virtually empty lineup aside from Brandon and his buddies. After a couple good waves from Brandon I headed back home for a shower and we headed to Tres Palmas.

    It’s always so nice when children are a part of the story, and Kellys daughter was with her throughout the day, providing no shortage of childish inhibition and love. Everything went smoothly and all were in good spirits leading up to a beautiful ceremony beachside. Kelly and Brandons wedding is a great example of a couple valuing family, friends, and connections over material or superficial worries.

    One of the beautiful things about Rincon is the culture of authenticity, and appreciation for nature.

    From the wahoo caught locally by one of their wedding guests, to the locally sourced and harvested flowers and decorations provided by Rincon Events, their use of biodegradable bamboo and plant based tableware, their wedding was one of beauty, but not excess or waste. DJ EJK brought the party home after dinner, leading up to an awesome pool dip from from Kelly and Brandon, and anyone else brave enough to have a little fun at the end of the night.

    Thank you again so much Kelly and Brandon for inviting us to document and be a part of such an important and special day, and to all of your friends and family who treated us so warmly. We hope you enjoy this selection of photos from their amazing Rincon Wedding!

    March 19, 2019