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    It was high spirits, beautiful sunny Caribbean weather, and plenty of family and friends present for the wedding of Megan and Chris. Their ceremony was set on the backdrop of the Casitas Gardens, while their reception moved to the Trellises overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

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    About the venue…

    El Conquistador Puerto Rico is a Waldorf Astoria Resort located on the East Coast of Puerto Rico about an hour drive coming from the San Juan Airport, depending on traffic. El Conquistador is an all inclusive resort, which is part of the reason Megan and Chris chose this hotel as the location for their wedding. It was very important to them that they were able to spend time with their family and friends while all having a fun and relaxing vacation together. This is one of the advantages of an all inclusive resort experience like what the El Conquistador Puerto Rico offers, and it can easily scale to the size of your group. For smaller sized groups of people there are plenty of amazing options, but as your total size begins to surpass 60-70 people, your options on the island of Puerto Rico begin to be limited if you want everyone able to stay on site in the same location.

    Megan and Chris had a group of 70 of their family and friends present for their wedding. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. Alba Figueroa of Engaged Events was their wedding coordinator, working with the El Conquistador staff as well as a handful of off site vendors to all work together to create this amazing day. Alba was a great coordinator, she was relaxed, friendly, and professional in all our interactions.

    One of the advantages of having a wedding at a hotel like El Conquistador is easy access of tons of incredible amenities. For example, when preparing dinner for all of the wedding guests, it is all done on-site with their staff who is very prepared and practiced serving large groups on the premises. It’s one of the little perks of a larger hotel like this, is some of the moving parts required to provide for a larger group are very easily accessible. Although Megan and Chris had a wedding with just 70 people, groups at this resort can scale up astronomically. For example, on the El Conquistador Puerto Rico weddings and special events information page, Palomino Island is listed as able to accommodate up to 1,400 guests! There are a ton of amazing luxury amenities available at El Conquistador Puerto Rico such as:

    Like every possible wedding venue, there are pros and cons. El Conquistador is a “safe bet” in the sense that the ground are safe in the literal sense of the word, there is lots of security and staff on site, and guests will never need to leave while they are there. It’s also safe in the sense that guests on site are unlikely to encounter strange or unexpected scenarios related to their accommodations. Of course, this comes at the cost of adventure. Certainly you could be confident that your guests will have a tropical and luxurious getaway, but depending on their mindset most probably wouldn’t describe their stay as an adventure. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Every group dynamic is different, so for some just having convinced their parents and family to fly on a plane to a tropical island is a huge deal, so they want things to be as simple, easy and comfortable as possible. Other families have been traveling together for their entire lives, and a trip to Puerto Rico is just another journey for them. One thing to know about where El Conquistador Puerto Rico is located in Fajardo is that the hotel is relatively isolated from the variety of restaurants, bars, shopping, etc., that you can find in many other municipalities of the island. As a result, this is definitely the kind of place where the vast majority of guests aren’t really leaving the hotel during their stay. There’s just not that much going on in the surrounding areas, and if you want to explore the island away from the hotel, it’s going to be much tougher without a rental car. Uber has finally made it’s way to the island, but it’s still just not reliable enough to use as a form of transportation if you plan to leave densely populated city areas. When we are on the island we always rent with Avis/Budget since they have the lowest prices, and if your guests don’t have a credit card, they can rent from them with a debit card if they are willing to pay a deposit, if they have proof of a return flight ticket.

    You can contact the El Conquistador Puerto Rico weddings staff directly at  787.863.1000

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