From Church to the Beach – Glenys & Errol – Moca, Rincon, PR

    We are so excited to share with you this collection of emotional photographs from the wedding of Glenys and Errol. We have been looking forward to this wedding for a long time, finally returning to the beautiful Parroquia Nuestra Señora de La Monserrate Church in Moca, PR. This church in Moca is spectacular, with a long sweeping staircase leading up, and a wide open interior. Errol travelled all the way to the island from Australia, where he lives and works. Glenys grew up in Moca, so there was no shortage of family and friends present at their celebration. Sonia Gregory Coodinadora was their wedding planner, and she did a fantastic job as usual. Sonia is fantastic – super organized, was in touch with us before the wedding to make sure we were all set regarding timelines, etc., and she created a gorgeous wedding for Glenys and Errol. 

    We started our day in Moca at the family house where Glenys grew up. It was special to see the hallway where her families wedding photos hang, knowing that hers would be there soon. Everyone was so welcoming and warm towards us as we arrived, ensuring we were well fed and comfortable. Their house is beautiful, and there was plenty of great window light and space for us to move around. It’s always great to start our days like this, taking the time to create interesting detail photographs of importance or significance, acquaint ourselves with family and friends, and build up into a space of more energy and time constraints. Glenys loves pugs, so when Frances discovered their pug statue, she knew it would make for a fun way to photograph the rings. 

    Their wedding ceremony took place at the Iglesia Monserrate in Moca at 3 in the afternoon. We love this beautiful church, and were happy to return. We photographed their wedding with a mixture of some photos taken using just the ambient light in the church, and others using our flashes. We’ve just really been enjoying the drama and powerful effect you can get as a result of the isolation of a subject when using lighting in this way, and I think we have some beautiful examples of this for Glenys and Errol. After their ceremony everyone drove to Rincon Beach Resort for the wedding reception. After some couples photos at Rincon Beach Resort, we made our way to their beautiful reception space. 

    For a wedding of this size (140 guests) Rincon Beach Resort was a good choice. There was a stage with live band Desibel Band playing covers of new and classic music, on site catering, and easy beach access. Desibel Band played the crowd well with a mix of genres, and got a great dance party going. 

    Thank you so much to Glenys and Errol for inviting us to photograph this special day, and to your family and friends who were so friendly and accommodating. We hope you enjoy this collection of photographs from their wedding day. 

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    February 9, 2019



    Amazing pictures of an absolutely amazing wedding of two amazingly beautiful people in a truly and amazingly beautiful country.

    So many beautiful shots capturing the anticipation and joy of this celebation; unity through marriage. Again you have out done yourselves.The wedding cake with their hands reflectedis the best wedding cake picture I’ve seen yet. I an following your art as you bring beauty and grace to every union. Love your work.

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful and kind words Michelle