Beauty and Shared Experience

    Wedding of Reva and Justin, The Royal Isabela, PR

    With every wedding we photograph comes the opportunity to express the beauty we see in the world. Beauty that resides in the mundane, flawed, and the overlooked corners of our experience. We see beauty in things that others often dismiss. The work we create is powerful. Sometimes because it reveals things we know about ourselves or our loved ones that we may understand but don’t know how to express. We aim to capture those qualities or feelings that we can’t quite put our finger on. Photography, when done with intention really succeeds at communicating things that are hard to put into words. But unlike other artistic mediums, photography has an undeniable element of truth.

    I don’t want to make photographs that make people look beautiful, I want people to feel beautiful when they see themselves in the photographs we create.  

    Through our photography we cannot show you something that isn’t there, but we can show you how we see the world and the people we photograph. Little bits of our own personal truth are woven through the work we create. We choose to see the world as a place that is filled with deeper meaning and sprinkled with visual metaphors. I don’t want to make photographs that make people look beautiful, I want people to feel beautiful when they see themselves in the photographs we create.  

    Roses & Heliconia

    Tropical flowers are strong, they can withstand the heat and heavy rain. Their forms are exotic and otherworldly. We can agree on the beauty of roses just as much as the beauty of heliconia even though they are two forms that couldn’t be more different in shape, color and texture. We accept them as beautiful for what they are and don’t try to change them. Beauty happens. Beauty is an experience. Beauty is not an object or a face it is what happens when you look at it. Beauty is something we feel inside of us when we are moved. What moves us most are the personalities and relationships we are blessed to photograph on wedding day. 

    Reva and Justin strike me as an unstoppable duo. They are loving parents and devoted partners that are committed to sharing and exploring life as a team. Their travels have taken them around the world to many exotic locations. The richness of their experience abroad shows in their quickness to smile and their gratitude for the friends and family that they have in their lives. Well travelled people all share the sentiment that the people and experiences they have in life are their most valuable possessions.

    Wedding day is the gift of shared experience.

    Wedding day is about creating a space for shared experience. Beautiful flowers, delicious food and sweeping views of the Puerto Rican coastline were what Reva and Justin wanted to share with their family and friends. They didn’t decide on these things just so they could have them, they picked them because they wanted to share them. You can’t own the beauty of a wedding day, you can only experience it. I feel this is an important distinction to make in a culture that often pushes couples to focus fully on themselves when it comes to planning a wedding. I admire couples that use their wedding day as an opportunity to give something beautiful to the people they love.

    We appreciate spending time with people like Reva and Justin who know how to breathe and take life in one moment at a time. Photography is about living in the moment. Capturing a slice of life and being able to reflect on it is how beauty is experienced through the medium of photography. 

    Reva and Justin, we cannot thank you enough for inviting us photograph your wedding at the Royal Isabela. Your thoughtfulness and kind spirits made the day a joy to photograph.  Thank you for introducing us to your closest family and friends and inviting us to capture this moment in your lives. We are so grateful for your appreciation of our work. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us and being so open and welcoming on wedding day.

    September 24, 2019



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