Cara & Blake’s Beach Wedding at Sunset Paradise Villas

    Cara & Blake had a beach wedding at Sunset Paradise Villas in Rincon, Puerto Rico which we were fortunate enough to have the pleasure of photographing. Their ceremony had gorgeous natural light, with enough clouds in the sky to create a nice soft, flattering light. With the assistance of her immensely helpful bridesmaids and friends, they coordinated and decorated Sunset Paradise Villas beautifully. Cara first contacted us after having seen much of our work online, specifically our Facebook and Instagram pages. She noted that an old friend was a professional photographer, and she loved our style of wedding photography, and encouraged us to explore our work artistically at their wedding. Cara did want to make time for nice portraits of the bridesmaids, so we were sure to have time with each girl to create some stunning photographs for all.

    Choosing to have the ceremony down on the beach with onlookers watching from above was we think a quite nice and beautiful way to place the bridal party. Cara and most of her bridesmaids have all attended and helped with each others weddings, so these ladies were confident in their decisions for setting up the space, and it worked out fantastically! During the first dance on the beach, the bridal party lit lanterns, surrounding the dancing couple with beautiful orange light against the dark blue ocean. Their first dance with the lantern lighting was perfectly timed (special thanks on Cara’s part to coordinating with us on the timeline!) just as twilight was beginning, leaving enough dark blue light in the sky to really shine in contrast to the bright orange of the glowing lanterns. We hope you enjoy this selection of some of our best wedding photography from Rincon, Puerto Rico, and to learn more about the photographers behind Rincon Images, check out our wedding photographers About Us. Cheers and thanks for reading!



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    July 31, 2017