Happy to share Ali & Michael's destination wedding photography

    Ali and Michael contacted us via a referral from Allison and Cassandra at Rincon Events. They felt our style was a good fit for what they were looking for in their destination wedding photography, and they thought we would vibe well with them on a personal level. We are so glad that Rincon Events though of us for Ali and Michael, because we absolutely loved getting to spend time with them and their friends and family! During a couples photography session two days after their wedding, and Ali told us, “Oh by the way, our entire family is in love with you guys!” Really a fantastic group of people, kind, helpful, and everyone having the time of their lives. Make sure you check out all the amazing dance floor photos of Grandma Gigi, age 91. She was unstoppable on the dance floor! Yet another amazing experience with a family that reminds us why we are so lucky to have amazing clients like Ali & Michael and happy to share their destination wedding photography!

    Ali and Mike got ready on wedding day at the Blue Boy Inn, where they had been staying for the previous week. The Blue Boy Inn has new owners, and they are doing a stellar job of maintaining the fauna and landscaping of the grounds. Once inside, the entire area is surrounded with large white pillars, and overhead structures holding up vegetation of all kinds. Ponds and streams run and trickle throughout.

    Ali and Mike opted for unlimited wedding day coverage, and asked us to capture their first moments of the day, drinking coffee and preparing for the day. We arrived early, and spent a little over an hour with them before sharing breakfast.  Their ceremony was early in the afternoon at La Iglesia de Santa Lima in the downtown plaza of Rincon. A beautiful, intimate, and simple church, Santa Lima is the point from which the rest of the town of Rincon was built, way back in 1746.

    After the ceremony we all headed to La Copa Llena, a beachfront fine dining restaurant located in the Marina of Rincon. As usual, Copa Llena was on point. We have worked alongside the crew from Copa on many occasions, and know the owners and management well. They run a tight ship and have some of the best food and service in town. Festivities continued with live music from Hank & Yuri, a guest performance from the best man, and DJ EJK took home the dance party into the night.

    Overall, an amazing Wedding in Rincon that we won’t soon forget. Thank you so much to Mike, Ali, all of your wedding guests for making us feel so welcomed and appreciated!

    April 30, 2017